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Since 1971, the Wick Society has striven to protect and promote Wick's history. Today the Wick Society has under its wing the Heritage Centre, Isabella Fortuna, Johnston Collection, and Wick Voices - an oral history project. Please come along and view our displays for an amazing look back into the past of this historic town.

Our Collection

The Wick Heritage Centre houses a number of furnished rooms portraying past times. Each room contains an array of authentic household furnishings, ranging from a traditional box bed to authentic Caithness chairs. Beyond the museum we have our garden and the Isabella Fortuna, both of which offer an incredible look back into the past.

The Wick Heritage Museum is open from 3rd April 2023 - Monday to Saturday 10am with last entry 3.45 pm

Contact museum@wickheritage.org for more information

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John Nicolson: a Brief BiographyA brief biography of the life and works of Caithness artist, sculpture and archaeologist Buy it now!

Like a Tardis - absolutely fascinating! "We visited Wick heritage centre as the main part of an excursion, and I'm so pleased that we did. The heritage centre is very unassuming from the outside. Inside we were made very welcome by a team of highly enthusiastic volunteers of all ages. The centre is literally like a Tardis."
Johnston Collection

The Johnston Collection represents the work of three generations of Caithness photographers who captured images of life in and around the area between 1863 and 1975. They are now held in trust by the Wick Society.

Wick Voices

Wick Voices aims to record the history of Wick and its neighbouring villages straight from the mouths of those who have lived it. For the first time these recordings are available to the public exclusively through this website.

Latest Wick Voices

Davy Nicolson
Wick Voices
Emma MacLeod

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Arctic Convoys

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