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A photograph of Peter Sinclair

Peter Sinclair

“I loved listening to stories of Stroma”

Born: 1972

Duration: 14m 12s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 13Mb

Recorded: 22 July 2019

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About this recording

Although born in Keiss, Peter Sinclair has strong associations with the island of Stroma, where his father lived until the late 1950s.
In this interview, he talks about the history of the Stroma yawl, Kelvin Star, WK 32, which has been in Peter’s family for fifty years. He also talks about the Diligent, and its unique design, its association with his family and how it was gifted to the Wick Society.
Peter always enjoyed listening to his father tell stories associated with the island of Stroma. Peter recounts a memorable venture into Scapa Flow, under the cover of darkness, when his Great Grandfather Peter Sinclair (Patty) and his crew encountered a naval battleship.
Peter also tells the story of the occasion when members of the Police Force visited the island to investigate a salvaging operation that involved a tin of paint.


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