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A photograph of The Wick Society

The Wick Society

Isabella Fortuna at the Portsoy Boat Festival

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Duration: 10m 54s

Type: Audio

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Recorded: 23 June 2019

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About this recording

Enjoy listening to members of The Wick Society talk about their attendance at the 2019 Portsoy Boat Festival. In addition to a series of interviews, Wick Voices has captured some of the authentic sounds of the festival.
Skipper Malcolm Bremner explains the history of the Isabella Fortuna, an example of a traditional Fifie fishing vessel that was built by James Weir of Arbroath and launched on 15th September 1890. The vessel came under the ownership of The Wick Society in 1997. Since then, enthusiastic volunteers have engaged on a continuous programme of renewal and restoration. Major reconstruction, renewal and overhaul have been necessary to keep the boat seaworthy. The project has bought together people with a wide range of abilities and has provided an opportunity for traditional skills to be practised and passed on to younger generations. The Isabella Fortuna has been attending the Portsoy Boat Festival for the past twenty years and is a major attraction at that event. In his recording, Malcolm describes the eventful voyage of 2019.
Alan Miller talks about his involvement in the Boat Section of the Wick Society, as secretary and as a crew member. He explains how the Isabella Fortuna has been awarded the Regional Flagship of the Year for 2019. Alan also reflects upon another memorable trip to the festival.
Tommy Munro describes how he was invited to join the Boat Section team when he retired from Dounreay. He explains how his skills as a fitter turner, at Dounreay, have been put to good use but he also talks about the warmth and friendship he has experienced in the seven years he has been a volunteer.
Ian Leith, current Chairman of the Wick Society, explains how other sections of the Wick Society have been represented at the Boat Festival, over the past three years. He also talks about the networking opportunities and the links that have been established with groups in Norway, Orkney and with Portsoy’s own museum the Portsoy Bothy.


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