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A photograph of Jimmy Sutherland

Jimmy Sutherland

'Everybody is equal'

Born: 1930

Duration: 28m 1s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 26Mb

Recorded: 9 June 2019

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About this recording

Jimmy Sutherland has vivid memories of the war years when, as a schoolboy, he delivered milk around the town of Wick. He claims, “It takes one word to start it (a war) but a million to stop it.”
He talks about events in and around Wick during the war years, including the bombing of Bank Row and Hill Avenue. He recalls schooldays, war time entertainment, the effects of the black-outs and the prisoners of war based at the camp at Watten. He explains about rationing during the war years and the need to catch fish and keep poultry to supplement food supplies.
Jimmy, like his father before him, used his extensive knowledge of fishing when he became a ghillie on Wick River. He emphasises the importance of equality when fishing, “When you go fishing everybody is equal.”
He explains the difference between trout fishing and salmon fishing. He also describes the life-cycle of salmon and the importance of preserving stocks. He makes comparisons between Atlantic and Pacific salmon and he talks about the difference between wild and farmed salmon.
He also reflects upon the decline of the herring industry and the effect it had upon Wick and explains the importance of the nuclear industry at Dounreay and its long-term impact upon the County of Caithness.


I am a very proud nephew living in Australia of Jimmy's

Posted by john sutherland at 06:14:37 on 25/06/2019 - Report comment

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