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A photograph of Skipper Arnott Sinclair

Skipper Arnott Sinclair

‘Fishing at that time was a hard game’

Born: 1937

Duration: 19m 31s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 18Mb

Recorded: 1 March 2019

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About this recording

Retired Skipper, Arnott Sinclair shares his extensive knowledge and experience of working in the fishing industry for many years. Born and brought up in Shore Street, Thurso, Arnott describes the extensive changes that have occurred in that area of the town.
The Thurso fishing fleet gradually relocated to Scrabster harbour, allowing easier access to the fishing grounds. Listen to Arnott talk about his experience of fishing from both Thurso and Scrabster harbours.
He also explains how he became a United Nations Fleet Manager supporting the development of fishing in various countries.
The development of Dounreay led to many of the young fishermen moving to the Nuclear power industry, providing secure employment and regular hours onshore. Arnott feels however that the current high-tech fishing industry could once again attract young people from Caithness to return to the sea and provide employment for the future.


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