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Helen Adams

‘The Stroma community was like one big happy family’

Born: 1939

Duration: 43m 36s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 40Mb

Recorded: 21 February 2019


About this recording

Helen Adams was born on the island of Stroma and despite being an only child never felt lonely, as she felt very much part of the island community. During this recording, Helen describes the self-sufficiency of island life, where people were innovative and supportive of each other. She recalls the day her father requested a pair of shoes from the mainland. The shoes were to be worn by his wife (Helen’s Mum) at the upcoming Christmas Treat. Unfortunately, he had not specified the required size. On discovering the shoes were two sizes too big, he tied the shoes to a last and boiled them so that they would shrink to a size that would fit.
Helen talks about the spiritual nature of the island and the bond that still exists between islanders, despite the passing of many years since the island was inhabited.
Listen to Helen recount tales of her childhood, told from a child’s perspective.


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