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A photograph of Newton Park Primary School

Newton Park Primary School

Wick Harbour

Born: 2023

Duration: 15m 18s

Type: Video

Filesize: 102.3 Mb

Recorded: 23 March 2023

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About this recording

Children from Newton Park Primary School have been finding out about the history of Wick harbour and the herring fishing industry.

In this video, they share some of what they have learned.

The children explain that Pulteneytown and its harbour were planned by engineer Thomas Telford, on behalf of the British Fisheries Society and named after its Governor, William Pulteney. Telford took great care to ensure that people were given good houses and working conditions.

The herring fishing industry grew and expanded, and Wick became the herring capital of Europe.

Points of interest include:

1. The history of Pulteneytown

2. Thomas Telford

3. The Round House

4. James Bremner

5. The Old Fog Cannon

6. Wick Harbour

7. Wick Herring Mart

8. Wick Lifeboat Station

9. The Isabella Fortuna

10. Wick Lifeboat

11. Robert Louis Stevenson

12. Stevenson Breakwater

13. James Bremner Memorial

14. Pulteney House

15. Pilot House

16. Black Saturday

17. Barometer

18. Cellar Gates

19. Wick Marina

20. Beatrice Offshore Windfarm

With thanks to the children from Newton Park Primary School for their commentary -

Amelia Miller, Anna Cowie, Chloe Webster, Emily Gibson, Finlay Nicolson, Heidi Ross, Jack Angus, Kerri McPhee,

Logan Farquhar, Lucy Sinclair, Owen Mckiddie, Robbie Calder and Summer MacKay.

Thanks also to Simon Lamb who read extracts from letters written by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Photographs: The Johnston Collection, Fergus Mather and Alan Hendry


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