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A photograph of Gail Anthea Brown

Gail Anthea Brown

Stories are everywhere if you know where to look for them

Born: 1976

Duration: 22m 28s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 19.7 Mb

Recorded: 15 March 2022

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About this recording

Gail Anthea Brown feels a strong connection to the landscape of Caithness and much of her writing is inspired by local folklore and legend. As a pupil at Thurso High School, she had the opportunity to illustrate the late Donald Omand's book, Caithness: Lore and Legend. This had a strong influence upon her future work.

Gail spent her early childhood growing up in the village of Castletown, surrounded by friends and family. Her granny's house was, "the hub of the family where the door was always open.” Gail and her friends enjoyed the freedom to explore the local harbour, the 'Planting' and the beach at Dunnet. She recalls how they imagined the wind pump tower at Castlehill as Rupert's Castle.

Gail was eager to return to Caithness after studying in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and in 2000, she took up employment in the Training and Development department at Dounreay.

Through joining the Ravenskald Writing Group, Gail was encouraged to develop her creative writing skills and she began the blog 'Wellies on the School Run', writing about personal experiences of living in Caithness.

Gail rekindled her interest in local legends and folklore which led to the publication of her books - 'Castles of Steel and Thunder' and its sequel 'Pieces of Sky and Stone'. These are young adult fantasies inspired by the folklore and storytelling traditions of the north Highlands.

Inspired by the legends of Caithness, the original music accompanying this recording was composed and performed by Steven Taylor and shared with kind permission.


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