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A photograph of Margaret Allan

Margaret Allan

Cod liver oil and Cabrelli's ice cream

Born: 1956

Duration: 7m 39s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 7.2 Mb

Recorded: 5 April 2023

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About this recording

Margaret Allan, retired manager of the Laurandy Centre, shares a few memories of attending school in Reay and, as a teenager, working in Cabrelli's cafe in Wick which was renowned for its delicious ice cream.

She recalls ringing the school handbell, getting lifts in the grocery van and pupils being offered the choice of either a big spoon or a little spoon of cod liver oil: "Everybody would say a little spoon!"

Margaret remembers when the old Nicolson's Buildings in High Street were being dismantled.

"There was character to the old shops," she says. "When we would go in the morning to open up the coffee shop we'd be washing the windows, washing the pavement, and everybody did that then. Everybody that had businesses and shops washed their pavement as well as their windows. It was the start of the day and everybody got going at the same pace.

"Everybody shouted to everybody and there was just a buzz about the place, and the town was fresh and it was clean. No business would ever have dirty windows or litter lying about the front of their door. That was important, that the place always looked clean."


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