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A photograph of Catherine Patterson

Catherine Patterson

Everybody has really, fond memories of the Trinkie

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Duration: 11m 28s

Type: Audio

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Recorded: 1 December 2021

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About this recording

As secretary of the Trinkie Heritage Preservation Group Catherine is passionate about the history of this outdoor pool. She has a significant collection of family photographs taken over several decades, depicting outings and picnics at the pool.

Catherine recalls a very early memory of a visit to the Trinkie when she accidentally stood on a piece of glass and was whisked away in a car to receive medical attention from Dr. Leask. Undeterred by the trauma of this event, visits to the pool became a regular occurrence.

"We couldn't wait to get in the water. Sometimes we would go to the deep crab pool …but we never caught anything.”

Although Catherine enjoyed picnics at the Trinke with family and neighbours, she explains that outings with school friends were even more exciting. Supplies of crisps and lemonade were bought at Hughie Malcolm's shop, but she and her friends seldom remembered plastic cups, so the bottle of lemonade was simply passed around from person to person.

She describes the swimsuits and bathing hats worn at that time and she also recalls, "It was always great fun if somebody turned up with the inner tube of a car tyre.”

Although friends dared each other and got up to all sorts of high jinks., time was also spent learning to swim.

"We were there nearly every day in the Summer,” she claims.

With the resurgence of interest in wild swimming, Catherine hopes that people will be encouraged to swim in the Trinkie for many years to come.


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