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A photograph of Jennifer Martin and Linda Smith

Jennifer Martin and Linda Smith

The North Baths is our happy place

Born: 1956

Duration: 16m 38s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 13.0 Mb

Recorded: 5 September 2022

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About this recording

Jennifer Martin and Linda Smith express their praise and gratitude to Patty Coghill and friends who in 2021 set up the Kool Water Sw1mmers group in the KW1 (Caithness) area. Although members of the group swim in various locations throughout Caithness, Jennifer and Linda talk about the North Baths, and Staxigoe harbour, their preferred outdoor swimming locations.

"It has opened a whole new phase to our lives,” claims Linda as she explains that she is delighted to have the opportunity to swim with friends in the North Baths outdoor pool in Wick, where she first learned to swim around sixty years ago.

Jennifer recalls, "Swimming costume wrapped in a towel, bottle of juice, packet of biscuits, and off you went for the whole day.”

Jennifer and Linda have a light-hearted conversation about outdoor swimming during this interview. They discuss the health benefits, the value of social interaction, and meeting like-minded people with an interest in swimming outdoors. They discuss safety precautions, clothes and equipment, weather conditions, and the fantastic sunrises they have been fortunate to observe.

Despite having to break the ice on wintry mornings or make decisions about entering the pool on stormy days Jennifer claims, "Cold water swimming stimulates your happy hormones.”

Jennifer also talks about the history of the North Baths, explaining that the pool was officially opened in September 1904 at the location previously known as Port Dunbar harbour.

They discuss the hard work and enthusiasm shown by Patty Coghill and a dedicated group of volunteers who, with the help of local contractors, have made necessary repairs to the North Baths.

Information about organised swims, repairs and weather conditions are regularly posted on Facebook KW1 Swimmers – Kool Water Sw1mmers.

Photo by Douglas Cowie


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