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A photograph of Shona Tait

Shona Tait

Everyone is part of the team

Born: 1999

Duration: 36m 2s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 23.9 Mb

Recorded: 1 July 2021

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About this recording

Throughout this inspirational Wick Voices interview Shona Tait talks about the importance of teamwork. She also says, "Even though you don't think you are doing a lot to improve the World, you really are, as a little bit of kindness goes a long way.”

As a volunteer with the Wick Society's Boat Section, Shona talks about the value of passing on skills, knowledge and stories to future generations. She describes the camaraderie and friendship experienced as volunteers work on a range of projects.

She also describes the sense of freedom of getting out on the open water aboard the Isabella Fortuna, learning how to manoeuvre the boat and sail responsibly.

In particular, she recalls the Black Saturday memorial event held in August 2019, when the Isabella Fortuna led a flotilla of more than 40 boats in Wick Bay. This commemorative wreath-laying ceremony was held in remembrance of the victims of Wick's Black Saturday disaster which occurred as the result of a storm on August 19, 1848. This disaster claimed the lives of 37 fishermen from Caithness, the Western Isles and Orkney. Shona felt honoured to be part of the crew.

Shona explains that she was always interested in 'how things work' and she explores the route which has led to her studying mechanical engineering at Strathclyde University for the past 4 years.

In addition to dedicating time to her studies, Shona found time to volunteer as a Scout Leader with a group from the East End of Glasgow. She describes the joy and fun that this volunteering role brought.

She also volunteered as Secretary of the Strathclyde Piano Society, and this gave her the confidence to set up the Strathclyde Piping Society which, despite the pandemic, has gone from strength to strength. In honour of her volunteering roles, she recently received the Strathclyde Community Volunteer of the Year Award.

"It's not all doom and gloom! It's not all about studies, sometimes you can just be young and happy,” says Shona.


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