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Fishing Hall

The Fishing Hall contains many items that was associated with the herring fishing industry. At its height the harbour was a veritable hive of industry. Boats were crowded into the harbour, the herring gutters were working a breakneck speed to fill the thousands of barrels ready to be packed and shipped to market.

Various types of boats developed as the fishing industry expanded. On display are a range of models representing some of those working out of Wick. The Scaffie, the Zulu and the Fifie were in common usage. 

Lobster and crab fishing was and continues to be pursued along the Caithness coasts. Pots and creels are designed for easy access by the shellfish, but with no exit.

This ‘birds-eye’ view depicts some of the styles of boats that graced Wick Harbour in the 1860s.

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