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Articles, news, and information written by our volunteers about the museum, history, and people of Wick.

Caithness born Doctors
Caithness born DoctorsA brief description of some eminent doctors born in Caithness
When Wick Went Dry
When Wick Went DryFor 25 years from 29th May 1922 Wick was an alcohol free zone
Arctic Convoys
Arctic Convoys
Fairy Stories
Fairy StoriesGeorge Levack and the Fairies
Rosebank House
Rosebank HouseMiss Adelaine Florence Henderson of Rosebank bequeathed the Henderson family home, Rosebank House, to the Wick District Nursing Association.
Box Beds
Box BedsThe box bed was a convenient space saver in many a confined Caithness household.
Herring Mart
Herring MartOpened in 1892 to give shelter and office space to local fish salesmen, the Herring Mart was the first of its type in the country.
Sinclair Aisle
Sinclair AisleThought to have been the northern transept of the ancient Kirk of St Fergus which stood on this site and was certainly in use at the time of the reformation in 1560.
Black Stairs
Black StairsA broad steep set of stairs of Caithness flagstone.
Renwick Millar
Renwick MillarRenwick James Gunn Miller was born on 30th June 1866 at Knockinnon, Dunbeath and two years prior to his death in 1956 he was awarded the OBE for political and public services in Caithness.
Memorial Garden
Memorial GardenOn 1st July 1940 a German bomber dropped two bombs which exploded among the shops and homes of lower Bank Row.
'e Iron Wellie
'e Iron WellieLittle is known of this Well, but by the turn of the 20th century it was sometimes referred to as "Jocky Simpson's Wellie." Quite who Jocky Simpson was is lost in time.
PillboxThis defensive WW2 Pillbox was built in 1940 when the threat of invasion was very real.
Ebenezer Place
Ebenezer PlaceWhen Alexander Sinclair returned from America in 1883 he built what is now Mackays Hotel. The council instructed him to put a name on the short end of the building as they deemed it a street.
War Memorial
War MemorialWick's War Memorial was unveiled on 31 October 1923by General The Lord Horne of Stirkoke.
Smith's Fountain
Smith's FountainAt the turn of the twentieth century in Wick, Miss Wares, a well-known local seamstress died. In her will she left £200 with which the fountain was duly built.
James Traill Calder
James Traill CalderThis statue was raised in appreciation of the life and work of James Traill Calder.
Doctor John Alexander
Doctor John AlexanderThe statue in memory of Dr John Alexander forms part of the Heritage Trail
Wick Railway Station
Wick Railway StationThe railway arrived in Wick on Tuesday 28th July 1874 and on that day the Town Council announced a half day to commemorate the opening of the Railway at Rosebank Station.
Lost at Sea
Lost at SeaMany seafarers have been lost around the coast of Caithness and the current plans to erect a memorial to the memory of lost seafarers will pay tribute to all.
WW2 in Caithness
WW2 in CaithnessAs World War Two slips more and more into history, The Wick Society is committed to ensuring that artifacts, pictures and memories that tell of the times, are preserved.

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