Photographs, Films and Paintings

Wick Heritage Museum’s photographic gallery displays examples of Johnston Photographs.

Mather_9999_Heritage Centre Gallery

This unique collection of photographs, spanning over 100 years, includes both studio portraits and local scenes and events. The photographic gallery presents selections, showing dress and fashion across the years; the extent and importance of the herring fishing industry; a record of the town and county’s social history, plus a record of key local events.

The entire Johnston Collection can be searched and viewed via

Prints from the Collection can be ordered via the above website or by Enquiry to: 

The Wick Society, 18-27 Bank Row, Wick, Caithness KW1 5EY, Scotland.


Wick Society Members are available to present these photographs and films to clubs, societies and local events.

An Art Gallery in the Wick Heritage Museum was opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother on 17th August 1989, and displays a number of paintings, many by local artists, of local places and people. Among them are several watercolour and pastel works by members of the Johnston photographic family