Wick’s association with the family of Robert Louis Stevenson is further remembered with a unique lighthouse exhibit in the Wick Heritage Museum. The complete optical and working mechanism from the original Noss Head Lighthouse, which was situated three miles north of Wick, (Latitude 58 28 Longitude 3 3) has been installed in the Museum. The lighthouse workings were dismantled and rebuilt by members of the Wick Society.

Mather_0032_Heritage Centre Lighthouse

It is in complete working order, and as such offers a rare example of one of the very few lighthouse lights dating from the middle of the 19th century. On loan to the Wick Society from the Lighthouse Commission it was designed and built by Alan Stevenson, uncle of the writer Robert Louis Stevenson at Noss Head in 1849.

The lighthouse is in three main parts. Beginning at the top there are 16 triangular mirrors with 16 lenses and prisms in the shape of an umbrella and underneath, 16 vertical lenses and prisms. One of these has been removed to give a view of the lamp, which was made in France in 1848. The lamp originally burnt oil, but the Wick Heritage Museum has used electricity for ease of maintenance.