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Ian Mackenzie

Poltney Shoppies

Born: 1937

Duration: 1886 seconds

Type: Audio

Filesize: 29Mb

Recorded: 21 September 2017


About this recording

Ian Mackenzie always wanted to be a joiner which he achieved but his talents led him to be an art teacher, glass engraver and teacher of technical subjects at Wick High School. In this interview Ian talks of his love of art, making barrels and he also takes the listener on a tour of Upper Pulteneytown exploring the shops that existed while he was growing up. Listen to his description of queuing up on a Sunday afternoon waiting to buy ice-cream served between two bakers’ biscuits.


2:30 minutes in: My father (Rev James Bews) was NOT joking when he suggested Ian became an art teacher. He had utmost respect for his abilities. When I was at school I remember the photographic club Ian ran after hours. Taught us taking photos and developing. Then produced a video camera and got Hugh Leishman (son of head art teacher who arranged Ian's job) and Charlie Carter (?) to draw stills for a cartoon which we made into a movie on his camera, one frame at a time. Bet all that didn't come out of the school budget!

Posted by James Bews at 22:54:29 on 02/01/2018 - Report comment

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