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Edward Sutherland

'I more or less grew up in the garage…’ 100 years of J&G Sutherland

Born: 1932

Duration: 22m 7s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 29Mb

Recorded: 6 October 2018


About this recording

The Halkirk garage firm of J&G Sutherland was founded in 1918 by James Sutherland, who had started out with a coach and four horses. With the growth of motorised transport, the business prospered and Edward soon became an integral part of it.
In this interview, recorded in the centenary year of J&G Sutherland, Edward covers some of the history of the company, including how taxi hires for visiting anglers were an important aspect of the service, and shares a few of his own earliest memories.
He pays tribute to the loyal and long-serving staff the business has had over the years, and also talks about his passion for collecting and restoring vintage and classic cars.


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