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Richard Polanski

‘I loved my city very much and I miss it still’

Born: 1921

Duration: 40m 30s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 37Mb

Recorded: 18 September 2018


About this recording

Richard Polanski was born in Poland. The outbreak of the Second World War had a great impact upon his life and he fled his native Poland when the Germans and Soviets invaded.
In this interview, Richard vividly recalls his personal experiences of the war years and he describes in great detail, his efforts to defend his country. At first when Richard joined the Polish Navy as a gunner, he helped to evacuate troops from Dunkirk. He was later assigned to the destroyer Piorun, which was involved in searching for the Bismarck during its final battle.
At the end of the war, Richard was unable to return home and he eventually settled in Dunbeath, Caithness.

Picture courtesy of David G Scott


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