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Abdul Mkith

I went through hell and back – now Wick is my home and nobody can take that from me

Born: 1988

Duration: 58m 42s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 54Mb

Recorded: 31 January 2018


About this recording

"I'm a Wicker – I even speak like one!"

Abdul Mkith comes from Bangladesh and is now living happily in Wick after a traumatic childhood in which he was forced to work as a drugs mule for a UK gang. He was shot, he was stabbed and he had part of a finger chopped off. He tells the harrowing story of his early life in his book The Locket and a Five Taka Note, co-written with Catherine Byrne and published in 2016.

For his own safety, and acting in good faith, Abdul’s parents had sent him to live with a family friend in London and they arranged to pay for his upkeep. They believed he would be well looked after and would go to school. In fact, Abdul was neglected and mistreated. Later he was ordered to wash dishes in restaurants and ultimately was forced to deliver illegal drugs around the country, under the controlling influence of one man in particular.

Abdul was eventually caught by the police during a drugs raid in Ullapool. He was taken into care and brought north to Wick Children’s Centre, where he experienced bullying from other children. He also had a difficult start at Wick High School, despite the support of teaching staff, although his talent for sport helped him to settle in.

Abdul’s life was transformed when he moved in with his foster parents Patsy and Freddy Anderson. "They deserve the highest medal in the world," he says in this recording. Abdul now has a wide circle of friends locally and he also supports disadvantaged children in his native country.

Abdul, who works offshore, has made a start on his second book, again with Catherine Byrne as co-writer. He hopes it will help people suffering from depression and anxiety.



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