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Nan Bethune

My first five years in Telford Street

Born: 1941

Duration: 40m 35s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 37Mb

Recorded: 11 January 2018


About this recording

“Little pictures have big ears” was a phrase commonly used in the house in Telford Street, Lower Pulteneytown, where Nan Bethune (nee Brown) grew up. She was the only child in a busy household and listened intently to family conversations. Although not yet born at the time of the Bank Row bombing, she vividly recalls stories associated with that sad event, told by members of her family. Whether through listening from her cot, while pretending to be asleep, or on lengthy walks with her grandfather and later her father she recalls in great detail the first five years of her life when her interest in storytelling, history, archaeology and science were nurtured.


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