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Isobel Sutherland

Everybody was in the same boat

Born: 1949

Duration: 21m 39s

Type: Audio

Filesize: 20Mb

Recorded: 17 November 2017


About this recording

Faced with a housing shortage after the Second World War, families took up residence at the Radar Station at Tannach near Thrumster. Isobel Sutherland recalls the friendship and ‘bond of love’ that surrounded the twelve families that lived there. In 1950 those families were relocated to the new ‘state of the art’ houses at Thrumster, built by the local Council. She recalls the happy days spent there, playing in the snow on wintry days or the fun times spent exploring during the long Summer holidays. She describes taking part in a concert organised by the children and supported by the parents, when she dressed in a kilt and performed all sorts of jigs and reels, while others sang in the chorus or performed in the band. She tells of the ‘kist’ that sat in the living room and acted as a seat, a dance stage or even a double decker bus. There was never a dull moment. She relates tales linked to the women of the village with the gift of ‘second sight’ and talks of her grandmother who spoke Gaelic. She also recalls her schooldays spent at Thrumster Primary School.


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